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Rabu, 25 April 2012

Pari Island

Pari Island is an island so named because the shape resembles the shape of the island stingrays. The island is inhabited, but also has the beauty and uniqueness of the existing environment. The island is closer to the mainland province of Banten, is still an island of the Thousand Islands, Jakarta.

On the Pari Island, or rather the tail of the island west of the island. Section has been exploited by the Centre for Development of Oceanographic Sciences Institute of Indonesia as a home study of marine conservation and research for sustainable development, especially the waters of Indonesia in Jakarta Bay is able diberdayagunakan.

Pari island also has its own uniqueness in terms of vegetation environment than almost all islands in the Thousand Islands. Pari Island in the mainland according to the results of research Research Development Center for Oceanography (P2O) Indonesian Institute of Sciences has a basin that can accommodate the absorption of rainwater that falls onto the surface.

So that water from Pari Island is a fresh water, unlike the other islands that have the best standard is brackish water. The existence of depressions in the land yan Pari Island and receiving fresh water was an impact on existing vegetation heterogeneity in Pari Island. Like a banana tree, pine, spruce, dragon fruit trees, mango trees, guava trees water, petai china, palm, tree srikaya, jamblang trees and so that is not a typical coastal vegetation can live and grow well on the Island this.

Generally, the coastal islands are small only in the form of mangrove vegetation and palm trees, but at Pari Island, according to research from P2O and able to live sustainably on this island.

Not far from there Pari island northwest cluster of small islands where the preservation of the environment is good, there were varied marine life of coral reefs in a single unit with a water depth range. There is for example the Holy Island, an island inhabited only by a guard of this island, it has a garden under the sea with a variety of depths.

To view the marine biota, a well-maintained, but we can not swim though, we can see by snorkeling in the habitat that exists at the location into the 0.5 meter to 2 meters. As for the marine biota, which is more complex with a certain depth can be assisted with the diving. All divided and arranged neatly on the Holy Island. Unique is the way or how the public to the Holy Island of Pulau Pari which is about 1.5 kilometers in just enough water to cross by foot. Of course with no record of sea water at high tide.

On the island there are two parts of the Pari is the head or the eastern part of the island and parts of the body to tail, or better known as the west, are two functionally distinct parts. In the western part of the more widely used as a place to live da life of vegetation-resident freshwater vegetation. This happens because the position of the basin that coincide with each other at that position. It causes the pad is the point of the western part of the activity of all life on the island of Pari. On the east coast or head has a broad and can disisiri on foot at low tide.

On the part of natural forest are preserved by the society as a drag abrasion and the waves. Environmental sustainability at Pari Island is the result of proper management of public and environmental awareness will be high.

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